Employment guides & Tools

Employment guides & Tools

If you’re looking for a job in Germany, it pays to do your homework and know what to expect, especially since the customs might differ from your home country. The following guides and tools will help guide you through the job application process. 

How to write a CV (Lebenslauf) in Germany

The first step to any job application is having a professional-looking, up-to-date CV. This is the most important tool in your kit for marketing yourself, making you stand out from the competition and increasing your chances of getting hired. 

CVs in Germany are generally formatted in the same style and tend to be simple “fact sheets” that list your skills and experience without any embellishment or flowery language. Make sure yours is right for the German job market by following the steps in our CV guide

How to write a German cover letter (Anschreiben)

No job application is complete without a well-crafted cover letter. As in other parts of the world, cover letters in Germany are relatively short documents that outline why you are applying for the role and what makes you a good fit. While the CV lists your skills, your cover letter should convey more personality. Give yourself a good chance of landing an interview with our guide to writing a cover letter in Germany

Job interview questions & Answers in Germany

All being well, your CV and cover letter will do the trick and you’ll get invited to a job interview - an exciting yet nerve-wracking experience. Make sure you present the best version of yourself by preparing thoroughly for your interview in advance. 

Do some research on the company and think about how you will answer some of the most common interview questions. We walk you through the preparation process in our guide to interview questions and answers in Germany. As the old saying goes: preparation is the key to success. 

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