Give your career a boost with crossculture2go - online

Give your career a boost with crossculture2go - online


With life having slowed down, are you also facing the challenge of how to move things forward while sitting at home? Why not use some home-alone time to focus on future career skills!

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Improving your intercultural skills is key in a globalised world and, whether you are planning to further study or to work abroad, crossculture2go's online platform has the tools you need.

And now, crossculture2go is offering their eLearning courses for free!

Are you ready to become a global business player?

crossculture2go is an online platform that offers videos, eLearning courses and coaching on cultural differences around the world, giving you instant support in challenging business situations – anytime, anywhere. Their mission is to make crosscultural support accessible, affordable and convenient. 

Crosscultural understanding makes all the difference for both businesses and the people involved

Achieve your goals and overcome challenges when working abroad

When it comes to international collaborations, more difficulties than you might think are culture-related in some way or another – but most of the time, it’s just not that obvious.

That’s why crossculture2go’s intercultural business experts are always looking at the broader context in order to give hands-on advice that really works.

crossculture2go believes that crosscultural understanding makes all the difference for both businesses and the people involved. At the end of the day, it’s not usually all about the hard skills but how people apply them, how they work together, how they communicate with each other – and how they succeed together.

And, since both personal and business lives matter equally, crossculture2go offers support for accompanying spouses and families, as well as expats.

Crosscultural support to match your personal situation

Support should always match your individual situation, and the goals and challenges that come with it. But crossculture2go know how busy life can be, and that sometimes all you need is a quick fix.

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That’s why all their videos and courses are entertaining and easy to digest, while still right on point with practical advice on how to succeed in international business situations. What’s more, their platform is available 24 / 7, so you can schedule your learning around your other commitments.

They’re not know-it-alls, but...

... crossculture2go have been in the field of crosscultural communication for more than 20 years. They have built up a pool of over 450 highly-qualified, multi-lingual intercultural business experts. They have delivered thousands of intercultural training and coaching sessions and eLearning courses to expats and expat families all around the world.

And now their support is directly available to you – whichever learning method you choose!


The intercultural business videos are the perfect pick if you only have a specific country and situation in mind. Meetings, negotiations and presentations are just a few examples of situations our videos will prepare you for. Three to five minutes can go a long way. Just select your country and your topic – and you’re ready to go!

For a limited time only, you can also get up to 10 videos of your choice for free. Just pick your videos and enter the code FREE10 at checkout.

Country Courses

Deepen your understanding of successful intercultural business communication! These country-specific eLearning courses will teach you all of the essential intercultural aspects of successful collaborations with your business partners, colleagues and clients.

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CultureFit in 3h

Perfect for both expats and expat spouses: CultureFit in 3h is all about developing your individual success plan for the new country. It works like this: first, you will have the chance to reflect on your own culture and get a better understanding of what distinguishes your behaviour patterns from cultures in other countries.

Then, in the following sessions, you focus on your personal goals and challenges. After this, you get a live session with one of crossculture2go’s coaches, and apply what you have learned to your own situation, developing your personal success plan!

Talk to a coach

Do you have a specific question in mind? Tap into crossculture2go’s worldwide network of certified intercultural coaches, get matched with your personal coach and talk to them right there on the platform!

Get started!

It’s easy. All you need to do is answer some simple questions and crossculture2go will find the best-matching coach for you.

From managing international teams to going abroad as an expatriate, a spouse or business traveller – whatever situation you need to deal with, your coach will be there to guide you through it!

Pick your method and start learning now!



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