Find your dream job with a self-paced online career coaching course

Find your dream job with a self-paced online career coaching course


Once upon a time, finding a job was a relatively simple process. In the 1970s, for example, you might have identified as a doctor, or a teacher, or a craftsperson, and never really questioned that. Job hunting was simply a matter of looking for openings for doctors, teachers, or craftspeople. 

Discover your true career calling with the Transformative Action Process

Nowadays, things have changed hugely. The myriad of different career options sometimes lead to overwhelm, and candidates become uncertain of what they really want and need to know. This is even more so the case when they are in a new country.

As a job seeker, you may find it easy to find a job in Germany, but finding the right job that aligns with your passions and skills can be a severe challenge. And that’s where Thomas Bartelsen and the Transformative Action Process (TAP) comes into the picture. It’s a tailored programme to help you find your true calling. 

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Personalised career coaching tailored specifically for Germany

The TAP is a 28-day online course, designed by a psychologist (Natalja Atapin) and a recruiting enthusiast (Thomas Bertelsen). It is carefully crafted to meet the needs of international job-seekers, helping them to:

  • Self-assess their goals, needs and desires
  • Identify the right career
  • Create standout job applications
  • Ace interviews 
  • Determine their market value
  • Secure job offers

It incorporates the expertise Thomas and Natalja have gained over 13+ years of recruiting, including recruiting up to the director level, evaluating thousands of applications, and conducting more than 3.000 interviews in recent years.

It's like having a lead recruiter in your pocket who you can ask for feedback and advice on pressing matters. Of course, however, results are dependent upon your commitment and dedication.

28 days to transformation

The guided career programme covers four weeks of instruction, including eight hours of video material, a workbook and interactive exercises. It covers the following topics:

Week 1: Rock solid foundation

The first week looks at setting a clear foundation for your learning and a growth mindset for mapping out your career path. This will help ensure you have the minimum knowledge needed, including identifying your perfect job and company. 

Week 2: Nail every single part of the process

This week is about mastering every part of your recruitment process and nailing every single interview on autopilot. For example, you will learn about interview techniques and the connection between your desired career paths, your individual development plan, and their why questions.

Week 3: Fixed mindset vs growth mindset

This section looks at getting your mindset right, with modules on limiting beliefs, managing anxiety, boosting confidence and using the correct body language.

Week 4: It’s all about execution

In the final week, you will focus on execution only, to combine everything you have learned and start your “sprint”, with a bonus mock interview to round it all off. 

your game plan

Thomas and Natalja firmly believe in the quality of the course. If you don’t like it within 14 days, you’ll get your money back. Period.

Anna’s story

Anna’s experience shows how successful the programme can be. She says: "I recently found myself in need of a new job and was feeling overwhelmed by the process. Fortunately, Thomas offered his support and guidance, helping me to clarify my goals and stay motivated throughout the application process. With his help, I was able to find my dream job and I knew I could count on his support every step of the way…

One thing I really appreciated about Thomas was how empathetic and honest he was. He was always willing to adapt his approach to fit my needs and never pushed me too hard or too fast. Through his guidance and thorough market research, I gained a much clearer sense of what I was looking for in a job. Thomas helped me focus on the essentials and understand what mattered most to me.

Thanks to Thomas's expertise, the whole journey was well-structured and easy to follow. Despite being in the driver's seat throughout the process, I always felt like I had his support and guidance to rely on. With his help, I could stay on track and keep moving forward until I found what I considered to be my dream job.”

After completing the process, Anna submitted 30 job applications, got 14 interviews (excluding second or third round interviews), and received four job offers. Her story proves that the programme’s blueprint works. 

All this happened within three months, showcasing the power of personalised career coaching. With Tom as her dedicated guide, she was able to clarify her career goals, overcome obstacles, and secure her dream job.

About Tom & Natalja

Thomas Bartelsen is an expert in career coaching and talent acquisition. He has more than 13 years of experience in recruiting and holds three degrees, two of which are in HR. His expertise extends beyond individual coaching, earning him the trust of high-level executives. 

Natalja Atapin is a digital freelance recruiter and career coach with over seven years of HR experience, as well as being a certified life coach with a Master’s degree in psychology. Her mission is to help people find their true calling. 



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