Frontend Developer Angular (m/w/d)

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Our projects
We've gained a foothold in PropTech in the recent months. Along with our main customer facilioo, we've implemented a more complex privacy and security concept for their data, a video conferencing platform for digital owner meetings and integrated DocuWare for enhanced document management. Besides that, we're developing the customer app for one of the biggest property management companies in Germany, created a tool to import batch documents for and continued development of a platform for craftsmen for FRESCOLORI. Besides PropTech, we're invested in the health care business as we're maintaining the platform of drd doctors online, an Austrian-based telemedicine platform for online consultations. We provide both development of entire projects or offer consulting for our customers.

Your Responsibility

For the first months, you would form a team along with Shawn in order to work on the new platform. The project should help both of you in order to warm-up and get into the processes at our company. The backend of that project will be done by Gabi & Rebekka. After the project is completed, we do aim for a migration to our core project which is facilioo Media. You will mostly work with Angular and get in touch with some more technologies along the way. We do expect that you've got a solid understanding of Angular and that you can run and maintain projects on your own. Therefore, a couple of years of software development will be helpful.

Along with a new client, we'll start a new PropTech project beginning of May. Using the platform, people will be able to send tips for apartments and houses which are for sale to property brokers. The benefit for the user is a highly transparent process regarding their commission besides an easy reporting process. The project itself is not too complex and might be completed in about 6 months of development. Our main project is a video conferencing platform for property owners for their annual owners meetings. We're developing the platform since early 21 for our strategic partner facilioo. You can check out the (German) website. Our main goals are to optimize and ease the process for property managers, who are in charge or managing the owner associations and to provide an easy user interface. Both property managers and owners should solely focus on the actual conference, as that is already stressful enough besides the new digital processes.

Technology Stack

Our frontend technology to go is Angular. We're using it along with ngXS for state management and make use of Angular Elements in order to render parts of it in a legacy PHP application. Our backends are either developed in Ruby on Rails or .Net Core (ASP.Net Core & Entity Framework Core). Our local development setup is lean. We're using git and GitHub. Our applications are normally containerized for development using Docker & Docker Compose.

Benefits and Conditions

It's a full-time employment, therefore, 40h/week. We normally stick to regular working hours, but you're free to choose times which work best for you. Our current dailies are at 10:30am CET. The job is available as of right . You can either work in an office in Potsdam or Berlin, or you join us remote from anywhere in Europe. And last but not least, we're aiming for an agile development approach with frequent (every 2 weeks) releases and demos. We've got recurring 1on1's and retrospectives. And since November 2020 we've got workshops on a regular basis (roughly every four weeks) where team members talk about some of their expertise. Our most recent talks were about Git in Depth, Testing, Docker, Continous Integration, Best Practices in CSS, Vim or Operations besides Development.Our job offer Frontend Developer Angular (m/w/d)
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Work Hours:

Flexible hours per week

About the company:

We do software. Right now, all of our team members are passionate developers. As we're a provider for other companies, our projects vary quite a lot. We've build a platform for an InsurTech startup, a local event agency from Berlin, a farmer from Luxembourg and more recently we've got quite a lot of projects in PropTech.