Career coaches in Germany

Career coaches in Germany

Are you a professional searching for your next career challenge in Germany? Perhaps you’re a recently-relocated expat looking for information about the local employment market or even just a spouse seeking outplacement support. Maybe you’re an international student/graduate who wants to successfully enter the job market.

Whatever you’re looking for - no matter whether you’re an individual looking for value, purpose and meaning in your career and personal life, or an (international) company looking for coaching and/or workshop training for your relocated employees - these career professionals can help you out!

  • Moving to a new country brings unexpected challenges. Meeting a Life Coach is an opportunity to choose the right career path, improve relationships with others, with yourself and transform an unfulfilling life situation. Katarina Stoltz, a certified English-speaking Life Coach, will guide you to a more authentic and fulfilled life.

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  • Empowering individuals to lead fulfilled lives. I am a certified coach with 20 years work experience in South Africa, UK and Germany. I support with career coaching, adapting to new cultures and personal challenges that arise from living in a new country.

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  • Living and working abroad may turn out to be more challenging than expected. Certified coach Kerstin Brandes helps expats to achieve their career goals and adapt to a new culture. With her professional approach and experience in international business, she helps you to overcome any cross-cultural challenges.

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  • Expat life comes along with a lot of stress for you, as an individual, and also if you have a partner. Discover effective and practical stress management strategies, and ways to reduce relationship problems with my coaching services and couples therapy. 

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  • An expert in business, but a beginner in a new culture? Confused? I, Nancy Bravo, will help you to get over cultural differences to understand and enjoy your new life. Tools: certified trainer for international companies, lecturer at universities, author and member of a bicultural family. Languages: Spanish, German, English

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  • Amanda Parker is an online leadership coach who helps people lead with confidence, courage, and purpose. Through coaching with Amanda, you will clarify & connect with your inner purpose and take courageous action towards it. Amanda is your accountability partner to be a better leader and find more fulfillment in your work & life.

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  • An expert at clarifying a true path forward, I have over 25 years’ experience as a career consultant and coach in Australia, Dubai, Vietnam and Germany. Redefining core values and beliefs in your new environment is imperative to creating your most fulfilling life.

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