Career coaches in Germany

Career coaches in Germany

Are you a professional searching for your next career challenge in Germany? Perhaps you’re a recently-relocated expat looking for information about the local employment market or even just a spouse seeking outplacement support. Maybe you’re an international student/graduate who wants to successfully enter the job market.

Whatever you’re looking for - no matter whether you’re an individual looking for value, purpose and meaning in your career and personal life, or an (international) company looking for coaching and/or workshop training for your relocated employees - these career professionals can help you out!



  • With 12+ years of corporate expertise and first-hand expat experience in Germany, Nevena is committed to supporting you in finding your career path and securing a job that aligns with your needs and aspirations. She is a certified AVGS coach and offers coaching that is 100% subsidized by the Federal Employment Agency. Sessions are offered in-person in Bonn and online.

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  • It's all about YOU! Find the perfect career fit in Germany. Discover your unique strengths, master the German job market, develop a professional online profile, and build a fulfilling career path. With 20+ years of HR expertise receive tailored guidance and feedback throughout your career journey. I am a certified LINC Personality Profiler Coach and use this powerful tool to help you discover your true potential.

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  • Volker Damman Executive Coaching & Training

    I work with executives, entrepreneurs, and high potentials to reach specific results. I offer immersion coaching, systemic constellations and personality training for professional success and personal fulfilment. All sessions are available in German and English.



  • Expat life is a transformative journey, bringing with it unique challenges and opportunities. Your career is a crucial part of this experience, but it's just one facet. I support fellow English-speaking expats like you to uncover your true passions, navigate through doubts and fears, and achieve both career and life fulfilment. Book your free discovery session today, online worldwide or face-to-face in Munich.

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