Online Career coaches

Online Career coaches

Are you a professional searching for your next career challenge online? Perhaps you’re a recently-relocated expat looking for information about the local employment market or even just a spouse seeking outplacement support. Maybe you’re an international student/graduate who wants to successfully enter the job market.

Whatever you’re looking for - no matter whether you’re an individual looking for value, purpose and meaning in your career and personal life, or an (international) company looking for coaching and/or workshop training for your relocated employees - these career professionals can help you out!

  • Moving to a new country brings unexpected challenges. Meeting a Coach or a Psychotherapist is an opportunity to choose the right career path, improve relationships with others, with yourself and transform an unfulfilling life situation. Katarina Stoltz, a certified English-speaking Life Coach and Psychotherapist, will guide you to a more authentic and fulfilled life.

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  • An expert at clarifying a true path forward, with over 25 years of experience as a career consultant and coach in Australia, Dubai, Vietnam, and Germany. Redefining core values and beliefs in your new environment is imperative to creating your most fulfilling life. Vital Focus was awarded the German Business Award for Best Career & Transition Coaching Provider - Berlin in 2022.

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  • What do I want from my career? What do I have to offer? Living abroad is an adventure – and it can present specific career challenges. Amanda Wichert is a trainer, intercultural consultant and coach focusing on helping clients to understand their career goals while navigating the German job market.

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  • I find expat life is a great mix between an enjoying the adventure and craving this feeling of belonging. Finding a fulfilling career that is aligned with your authentic self in these circumstances will empower you and make you thrive in your new environment. Let us explore your new road together.

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  • As a senior executive with international experience, I understand the challenges you as an expat may face in a new country, ranging from cultural, on-the-job, or private aspects. As a career and leadership coach, I help you to gain clarity and confidence to cope with the overwhelming unknowns. Take the first step and find your inner leader!

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  • Swap daydreaming at your desk for realizing your dream career. It’s time to trust your instinct & take action. Anna Kmetova is a Co-Active coach for professionals who want to make empowered decisions that align with their values, goals, and long-term vision.

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  • Germany Career Coach empowers English-speaking internationals, ambitious expats, and global professionals who are serious about their career launch in Germany and want personalized strategy from a leading career development expert. Together, we focus on actionable steps to get your job search efforts on track for success. Download the Germany Career Start Kit™ to get started.

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  • We support professionals to have more meaning and fulfilment. Set motivating goals, find purpose, uncover limiting beliefs and change your mindset to do the work you love, have more impact and advance your career.

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