Nyenrode Business University Roadshow: Business education abroad

Nyenrode Business University Roadshow: Business education abroad


If you’re based in Germany or abroad and you’re interested in studying or developing a career in the Netherlands, then take note! 

Nyenrode Business University in Munich is bringing its top International Business Programs closer to potential candidates in the federal republic with the Nyenrode Germany Roadshow.

Advance your career with Nyenrode

At these information sessions you will get the opportunity to have a one-to-one talk with one of Nyenrode’s Program Advisors about your interest in studying business and your future aspirations, career goals and personal development.

At Nyenrode, we believe that a solid foundation can push everyone to great heights. This foundation can be built at Nyenrode, in both Amsterdam and Breukelen. We combine academic theory, practical relevance and personal development, so you can work on building a successful career. 

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During the conversation, they will provide you with insights on Nyenrode and their international programmes, including: 

  • The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, a 3-year intensive programme aimed at your leadership development, based on the Breukelen campus and in Amsterdam.
  • The Full-time Master (MSc) in Management, a 16-month master’s programme include a pre-master and three programme tracks.
  • The Full-time MBA, a one-year programme based in Amsterdam and focused on Europe, with company visits to cities like Prague, Munich / Bologna, Madrid, Copenhagen and Valencia.
  • The Executive MBA, a course focused on your leadership development that allows you to work in Germany while studying in the Netherlands.

You will also gain key information on the application procedure and exclusive scholarship opportunities for German talents. 

Tour schedule

The Nyenrode Germany Roadshow will be in Munich on the following dates:

  • February 8,  6 pm - 9pm. Sign up now!
  • March 6, 7 pm - 9 pm. Sign up now! 

Register for the Nyenrode Germany Roadshow

Kick-start the next phase of your career and personal development and register for the Nyenrode Roadshow in Munich on February 8 or March 6. 



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