German chancellor arrives in Canada to discuss energy deal

German chancellor arrives in Canada to discuss energy deal

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz landed in Canada on Sunday to discuss the supply of liquefied natural gas to Germany. Discussions regarding other renewable energy sources, as well as support for Ukraine, are also expected to take place.

German chancellor and energy minister land in Canada

Since the invasion of Ukraine, Germany has been faced with a reduced supply of energy from Russia. As fears mount over further reductions or even a gas embargo by Russia, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz travelled to Canada on Sunday to discuss potential energy deals, as well as support for Ukraine.

The chancellor and Vice-Chancellor Robert Habeck (who is also the Federal Minister for Economics and Climate Action) arrived in Montreal late on Sunday, and were welcomed by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his deputy, Chrystia Freeland. On his arrival, Scholz lauded Canada as one of Germany’s closest allies outside of the EU.

Scholz and Habeck have been accompanied on the trip by more than a dozen business leaders, including the CEOs of Volkswagen and Siemens.

Chancellor to discuss energy deals with Canadian PM

Scholz and Habeck are due to discuss the supply of liquefied natural gas (LNG) with the Canadian prime minister. However, Canada currently has no LNG terminals capable of exporting and new facilities would take years to build, so it is unclear whether Canada could fulfil Germany’s short-term needs.

German politicians are also expected to sign a longer-term deal regarding renewable energies like green hydrogen with Canada. According to the Globe & Mail, Canada is planning on building a hydrogen plant in Newfoundland - one that is capable of producing hydrogen from wind energy. The German politicians will visit the plant in the remote town of Stephenville to view the development of hydrogen technologies and supply chains.

Robert Habeck has already visited several countries, including Qatar, the UAE and Norway, in the hope of securing energy imports from elsewhere.

Talks expected to include discussion about Ukraine

Scholz and Trudeau are also expected to discuss several other topics during the chancellor’s visit to Canada. These talks will include the need for political, economic and military support for Ukraine, as well as discussions regarding China.

Germany also wishes to source minerals such as nickel, cobalt, lithium and graphite, which are used in the production of electric car batteries, from Canada.

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