New podcast Why Germany: Stories of expats in Germany

New podcast Why Germany: Stories of expats in Germany


Have you ever wondered if Germany is a good place for expats? Do you have some questions about living in Germany or doing the relocation process? Many expats have experienced the ups and downs of the process of relocation to Germany and they have a lot of stories to share with you. That is why the new podcast "Why Germany?" by Over The Ofek was created - for you to learn from others, and to understand what it looks like to be an expat in Germany.

Why Germany?

The podcast starts with the most fundamental question: Why Germany? and will then uncover the circumstances that brought the guests to this decision. Was it a career opportunity, a partner, or a desire for a new cultural experience? During the podcast different aspects of their decisions will be explored, delving into their initial experiences, the ups and downs of expat life, and ultimately, the life they've built in Germany.

Gain valuable insights and practical tips

Every episode will end with the guests giving you one tip to think about before (or after) relocating to Germany. Three types of guests will equip you with the information you need for a smarter relocation:

Expats with fresh perspectives

Hear from individuals who have relocated to Germany (1,5 years ago or more).

Expert voices

Different experts will be invited (some of whom are expats themselves) to share their knowledge on a variety of topics relevant to your move.

Companies embracing diversity

Discover what it's like to work in an international environment by listening to companies with thriving expat employee communities.

Podcast topics

Among the topics that will be covered are visas, the difference between cultures and mentalities, language learning and challenges, how to integrate well into the German and international communities, how to find a job in Germany, the school system and much much more.

The episodes will be released every Thursday on YouTube, Spotify and Over the Ofek's website.

Meet your host: Eden Levin

"Why Germany?" is hosted by Eden Levin, who relocated to Germany herself in 2017. Driven by her own curiosity about the expat experience, she previously created "International People Leipzig," a video series featuring expats in Leipzig. Eden's personal journey combined with her expertise as the owner of Over The Ofek, a relocation agency, makes her the perfect host for this podcast.

Over The Ofek: Your partner in German relocation

Over The Ofek understands the complexities of moving to a new country. They help individuals from all over the world with their relocation challenges - language barriers, bureaucratic hurdles, apartment search and more. They also work with companies and their HR team to make the relocation process of their employees smoother.

Over the Ofek is offering services in many different packages, for example:

If you are interested in hearing how others have done it, what their experience was and what you can learn from it, check out the "Why Germany" podcast and subscribe. You can also share your feedback and communicate with the other listeners on the Discord server.

Share your story

Would you like to share your story on the podcast? Feel free to send Over The Ofek a message on Instagram / Facebook or write them an email on [email protected]



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