1,35 million jabs in one day: Germany hits new vaccine high

1,35 million jabs in one day: Germany hits new vaccine high

Germany’s vaccination rollout continues to gather pace: for the fourth time since December, more than a million vaccine doses were administered in one day on Wednesday, May 12, setting a new daily record.

Another vaccine record set in Germany

That’s a record! According to the Robert Koch Institute, 1.353.453 people were vaccinated against coronavirus in Germany on Wednesday - the highest daily rate since the beginning of the campaign. A further 408.260 doses were administered on Ascension Day. Due to the public holiday, the vaccination figures for both days were announced on Friday. 

That means - as Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn pointed out on Twitter - that almost 2 percent of the whole German population was vaccinated on these two days alone. 

How many people have been vaccinated in Germany so far?

As of Friday, 35,9 percent of people in Germany (29,8 million people) have received at least one vaccination, of which 10,8 percent (8,8 million people) have received both jabs and are now fully protected. Overall, approximately 38,6 million vaccine doses have been administered up to and including Thursday. 

The vaccination rate varies quite widely between federal states. The highest rate is still to be found in Saarland, where 40,4 percent of people have now had at least one dose of vaccine. At 31,1 percent, Saxony is slightly behind the other federal states. 

When it comes to how many people have been fully vaccinated, the picture is a little different. Thuringia is ahead, with 14,9 percent of its population now fully protected. Lower Saxony comes last with a rate of 9,2 percent. 



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