3 party drug testing centres open in Berlin

3 party drug testing centres open in Berlin

The grinding jaws of Berlin’s partygoers can rest a little easier from now on: local authorities have just opened three new centres where revellers can anonymously test their party drugs.

Anonymous drug testing centres open in Berlin

Three drug testing centres that allow partygoers to request a free chemical assessment of their nefariously procured products have now opened in Berlin, rbb has announced after receiving exclusive information from the Health Senate in the German city.

More cautious clubbers can now drop off their drugs at one of the locations and receive a report three days later, either by dropping by again in person or via a call on their mobile, about what exactly is in their pills and powders. 

The centres, run by Vista and drugchecking berlin, will test cannabis, ecstasy, speed, cocaine and LSD, and when tests are completed, will explain in laypersons terms to partygoers what the science has revealed. Anonymous testers can also request a general advice appointment at the centres in Neukölln, Kreuzberg and Charlottenburg.

Various drug testing centre policies have been trialled in the city in the past and the new centres have been in the works for a few years. “Berlin revellers travel internationally and they are familiar with [the concept] from other cities,” project leader Ulrike Scherling told rbb. Scherling added that Berliners also have a “vested interest in consuming less harmful toxins”. 

drugchecking berlin publishes information about dangerous pills

The opening of the new centres comes a few months after Berlin was named the cocaine capital of the federal republic. Recent tests of Europe’s wastewater found that MDMA and, worryingly, crystal meth are also becoming more popular among the city's population.

The new Berlin project aims to minimise the risk involved in taking party drugs and hopes it will allow drug takers to make more informed decisions about what they are consuming on a night out, without fear of criminalisation. The team behind the project say that regular testing will also help researchers to recognise trends in black market products more quickly, and prevent unintentional drug deaths.

drugchecking berlin also provides up-to-date information online about which pills and powders currently doing the rounds on the local dancing scene contain dangerous chemicals or particularly high doses MDMA.

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