7 German cities call for more 30 km/h speed limit zones

7 German cities call for more 30 km/h speed limit zones

Seven cities in Germany are putting pressure on the federal government to give them more freedom to set speed limits. They want to introduce large speed limit zones in inner city areas. 

7 German cities want to update speed limit signs

The German cities of Leipzig, Aachen, Hanover, Augsburg, Freiburg, Ulm and Münster are demanding a change in road traffic regulations in order to test a new speed limit pilot project. Currently, they are unable to change the speed limits on road signs in their cities because the power rests with the federal government. 

The cities want to introduce large areas where cars cannot drive faster than 30 kilometres per hour (km/h), instead of the 50 km/h that is common in most urban areas in Germany. Multi-lane main roads leading in or out of the city would be excluded. 

New speed limits would make roads more efficient and safe

“We want to make traffic in cities more efficient, climate-friendly and safe,” said Berkhard Jung, Lord Mayor of Leipzig. For this, cities need more decision-making freedom than before. “Municipalities can best decide which speeds are appropriate on which streets.” 

“The efficiency of traffic is not restricted by a 30 km/h speed limit, but the quality of travel is noticeably increased,” the cities’ declaration reads. Roads would be safer, especially for pedestrians and cyclists, while both traffic noise and air pollution would be reduced. 

The scheme has received support from the German Association of Cities, and it is hoped that the Bundestag will change the law after the federal election to make the project possible. 



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