ADAC calls on Germany to ditch cars to help Ukraine war effort

ADAC calls on Germany to ditch cars to help Ukraine war effort

The largest motoring club in Germany, ADAC, has called on drivers in Germany to leave their car at home more often in order to help the country cut its reliance on Russian oil. 

Germans are trying to cut their reliance on Russian energy

After Russia shocked the world with its invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022 many critics have blamed Germany for funding the military offensive by continuing to rely on Russia to supply energy. Now, citizens, companies and organisations are beginning a pushback.

In an unlikely move, the ADAC motoring association has called on drivers in Germany to ditch their cars for a few journeys each week, or to at least become more fuel-efficient. “Every litre of fuel saved can help to reduce dependence on oil imports and therefore indirectly influence the further development of the war,” ADAC President Christian Reinicke told newspapers in the Funke media group. 

“For many short distances, driving a car makes no sense. For other distances, you can also use public transport,” Reinicke added. The association also told drivers to use their bicycle to run errands such as grocery shopping, rather than using more fuel. 

Driving slower can help Germany cut down on Russian oil

Reinicke also suggested that drivers could help to use less fuel by simply driving more economically. “I myself also try to drive about 20 percent slower. If all 21,2 million members of the ADAC did that, it would already be a huge savings effect,” he said.

According to a survey commissioned by the ADAC, nearly one in two drivers is currently prepared to take fewer car journeys in order to save energy. 60 percent of drivers have also already succeeded in saving fuel by driving more economically.

Politicians in Germany seem optimistic that the country can cut its reliance on Russian energy in the coming months. Climate and Economy Minister Robert Habeck (Green) said that he believes Germany can achieve independence from Russian oil “within days”. This week, Germany announced its intention to join an EU-led total embargo on Russian oil within the next six to 12 months. 



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