Baden-Württemberg driver escapes after 250 km/h police chase

Baden-Württemberg driver escapes after 250 km/h police chase

A hectic Mercedes driver in the state of Baden-Württemberg has managed to escape after a high-speed police chase involving 41 cars and a helicopter.

Driver escapes high-speed police chase

A man in Baden-Württemberg has escaped on foot after the police chased him with 41 cars and a helicopter. Early on Saturday morning, the man had been caught driving in the wrong direction down the autobahn near Stuttgart.

After other drivers called the police and reported seeing the car going in the wrong direction, authorities deployed a search brigade.

When the escapee noticed the patrol which had been sent to find him, he “accelerated again and fled at an estimated speed of well over 250 kilometres per hour,” Baden-Württemberg police said in a statement.

Driver fled from police fleet on foot

Police then tried to intercept the driver on the motorway, but to no avail. After a chase along the A81 in the direction of Stuttgart, the police eventually lost the car.

Afterwards, the police-deployed helicopter managed to locate the missing black Mercedes in the municipality of Mühlhausen im Täle. The vehicle had been abandoned and the driver had escaped on foot.

So far, the police have yet to identify the runaway driver.

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