Bavaria starts offering COVID booster vaccinations to at-risk groups

Bavaria starts offering COVID booster vaccinations to at-risk groups

This week, Bavaria will start administering booster vaccinations against COVID-19 to elderly and at-risk population groups, the state health ministry has announced. 

New round of COVID booster shots in Bavaria

“Vaccination centres and resident doctors can start offering booster vaccinations in Bavaria,” Health Minister Klaus Holetscheck told reporters in Munich on Monday. The plan is to offer booster shots to give additional protection to those who need it most, in order to help tackle a potential fourth wave of coronavirus infections. 

Experts believe that the protection given by the first and second COVID shots will gradually decline over time, leaving the recipient potentially at risk of infection. This is especially concerning since those most vulnerable to COVID-19 had their vaccinations first, following Germany’s priority list, meaning that a long time has now potentially elapsed since their second injection. 

Who can get a top-up vaccine in Germany?

Initially, the top-up third dose is reserved for at-risk population groups, including residents of retirement and nursing homes as well as people with health conditions that negatively impact their immune systems, and those over the age of 80. Only those who received their second vaccination dose at least six months ago will be given a booster shot. 

Holetscheck said he did not expect there to be a run of vaccination centres after the announcement, and that the focus would still be on giving first and second doses to as many people as possible.

“The booster vaccinations will not be at the expense of first and second vaccinations,” he said. “We have enough vaccine. First vaccinations continue to have the highest priority.” He also urged individuals working in care homes to come forward for their jabs, if they have not already done so. 

Preparations to start offering booster vaccinations are already underway in the other German federal states as well, with most states expected to start offering the shot in the autumn. Things will get going latest in Lower Saxony, where the offer will not be made until October. 



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