Berlin & Brandenburg plan 2G, barring unvaccinated from leisure and culture

Berlin & Brandenburg plan 2G, barring unvaccinated from leisure and culture

After seeing its COVID infection rate more than double in the space of three weeks, Germany’s capital is set upon tightening up restrictions. The Berlin Senate agreed on Monday to significantly expand the 2G rule, effectively banning unvaccinated people from restaurants, bars, theatres and cinemas. Neighbouring Brandenburg will likely follow suit. 

2G rules to be expanded in Berlin

According to information from the German Press Agency, the Senate in Berlin agreed on Monday evening that, in view of the current dynamic development of the pandemic, an extensive expansion of the 2G rule in the city-state was appropriate. “2G is being prepared,” confirmed city health senator Dilek Kalayci to the Tagesspiegel

The rule change - which still needs to be formally approved - will see the gastronomy and cultural sectors asked to only allow entry to people who are vaccinated (geimpft) or have recovered (genesen) from coronavirus. The new rules will not apply to public transport, supermarkets, or other “essential” shops. 

The German city is also reportedly considering bringing in a so-called “2G plus” rule if the infection rate continues to worsen, which would see even vaccinated or recovered people asked to provide a negative test result to enter certain public spaces. 

Brandenburg to lay down 2G “across the board”

In neighbouring Brandenburg, where the seven-day incidence rate reached 245 new infections per 100.000 on Tuesday - twice as high as a week earlier - ministers are also discussing tightening the coronavirus regulations. 

Alongside reinstating the requirement to wear FFP2 masks in shops and on buses and trains, the Brandenburg state government wants to lay down the 2G rule “across the board”, according to BZ. If approved, the rule change would see only vaccinated or recovered people allowed to access pubs and hotels, cinemas, theatres, concert halls, swimming pools, nightclubs, events and festivals

The regulation is still being coordinated with Berlin in order to avoid confusion and avoid “pleasure tourism”, whereby people travel from one federal state to another to get around coronavirus restrictions. 



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