Berlin considers 0-euro public transport ticket to tempt new customers

Berlin considers 0-euro public transport ticket to tempt new customers

A few weeks ahead of the planned start date for the 9-euro ticket on June 1, the Berlin Senate is reportedly considering the possibility of making an even more tempting offer: making public transport completely free for three months, to win over new customers. 

Three months of Berlin public transport for free?

The transport administration in Berlin is considering introducing a zero-euro ticket for season ticket holders as an alternative to the 9-euro ticket, Tagesspiegel has reported, citing a document submitted to the House of Representatives. 

“It is currently being discussed in Berlin to lower the prices for season tickets to zero euros in the campaign months, as an alternative to the nine-euro monthly ticket,” the transport office informed the parliament in a letter, adding that they saw this as an opportunity to win new customers, to make up for losses incurred during the coronavirus pandemic

It’s not exactly clear how the offer would work, but it appears that new and current season ticket holders would be offered three months of unlimited travel on public transport in Berlin for free. The offer would run over the same period as the 9-euro ticket this summer, in June, July and August. If approved, the plan would cost the Senate an estimated 22 million euros. 

0-euro ticket plans still in draft phase

However, a spokesperson for the transport administration, Jan Thomsen, told rbb that the plans are still in the draft stage, with talks between the federal government, the neighbouring state of Brandenburg and the transport associations yet to be concluded. 

“There are different models and therefore many stakeholders to be involved,” he said. “The decision is still pending.” 



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