Berlin police break up weekend protest and open arson investigation

Berlin police break up weekend protest and open arson investigation

Police in Berlin broke up a demonstration against coronavirus restrictions on Sunday and have opened an arson investigation after an attack was carried out on the Robert Koch Institute building during the protests.

Another coronavirus protest

Demonstrations against Germany’s coronavirus restrictions continue to rage in the capital, and, on Sunday, hundreds of police officers were deployed to monitor a protest of around 2.000 people. Police said that they were forced to break up the protests early because attendants refused to follow social distancing and face mask requirements.

The protest, which coincided with the opening of the (now online) World Health Summit in Berlin, saw attendants demonstrate against the government's most recent coronavirus restrictions, which they say undermine their freedom. Demonstrators were heard shouting “We are the people,” and “We are here, we are loud, because they are robbing us of our freedom.”

Arson investigation

Berlin police have also opened an investigation into attempted arson after several people were seen throwing “incendiary devices” and bottles at the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) building.

The would-be arsonists, who remain unknown, caused minor damage to the building’s facade and caused a small fire, which was able to be quickly put out by a security guard. No one was hurt in the attack.

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