Berlin police called over bus seat brawl

Berlin police called over bus seat brawl

On what was otherwise a relatively calm Sunday afternoon, German police were called out to deal with a dispute that ended in a bloody brawl. Why had the brawl started? Gang violence? Money? No, the brawl started with an argument over a bus seat.

Two passengers come to blows over bus seat in Berlin

A brawl involving two men on public transport in Berlin has led to a police investigation on grounds of assault. Initial reports suggest that the two men, aged 31 and 38, got into an argument over a seat on the 247 bus at Nauener Platz.

According to the police, the 31-year-old threatened the other man with a knife, who promptly took the knife and hit the 31-year-old several times in the face. The younger man refused medical treatment afterwards, despite bleeding heavily from his nose.

Police investigating for assault over bus seat

The incident took place around two weeks ago and police have since been investigating the case on the grounds of assault. 

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