Berlin renters can now get government-funded balcony solar panels

Berlin renters can now get government-funded balcony solar panels

Renters in Berlin can now apply for government funding to instal solar panels on their balconies. Homeowners are exempt from the new subsidy policy. If you think you’re eligible, here’s how you can apply.

Berlin renters can now instal solar panels

If you’re lucky enough to rent a house or flat in Berlin, and one with a balcony no less, you can now apply for a government subsidy of up to 500 euros to fund installing solar panels on your balcony. The Berlin Senate for Economy, Energy and Business SolarPLUS subsidy is part of the city’s wider goal to become climate neutral by 2045.

If you would like to benefit from the new policy, your primary registered address must be in Berlin and you will first have to ask permission from your landlord before installing the panels. If you get a “yes” you will also have to pay an electrician to instal the panels. It is also important to think about how much direct sunlight your balcony gets during the day.

How can Berliners apply for the balcony solar panels?

If you meet the above-mentioned criteria, your next step is to fill out an application form on the IBB Business Team website. Currently, the form is only available in German.

If your application is successful, the installation will likely consist of one or two panels which act as a miniature power plant and are plugged into a socket in the house or on the balcony. With this installation, you and your fellow Berliners save some money on utility bills and will not be so vulnerable to sudden changes in the price of energy.

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