Brand new, ultra-modern S-Bahn trains to launch in Munich

Brand new, ultra-modern S-Bahn trains to launch in Munich

The German technology company Siemens has revealed pictures of its new XXL S-Bahn trains. Dubbed the most modern S-Bahn carriages in Germany, the new locomotives will be launched in Munich in 2028.

Siemens announces S-Bahn train upgrade for Munich

Residents in Munich have something to look forward to; one of Germany’s largest public transportation services is poised for a dramatic upgrade.

The international company and German technology giant Siemens has revealed details of 90 new trains designed to hit the S-Bahn tracks in the Bavarian capital in 2028. The company is claiming that the XXL models are “Germany’s most modern S-Bahn trains”.


Image credit: DB / Vidovic / Siemens Mobility GmbH / CC-BY-4

“For the first time, all cars are completely integrated and set new standards with a train length of over 200 meters,” Siemens explained in a press release. The company says that the new models, which have been funded by the state of Bavaria, will each be able to carry 1.841 passengers and will offer “more space and greater comfort.”

The new trains will have wide doors to facilitate easy boarding and alighting, ample fold-down seats, more space for storing buggies and bikes and better access for wheelchair users. On top of this, Siemens says the trains will be “highly energy efficient, require little maintenance, and receive software updates via the cloud.”


Image credit: DB / Vidovic / Siemens Mobility GmbH / CC-BY-4

Munich is planning ahead for high public transport demand

Launching the new locomotives is part of Munich’s wider preparations for expected passenger growth in the next few years and Germany’s wider plans for a mobility transition. According to Evelyn Palla, Board Member for Regional Transport, Deutsche Bahn AG, the new trains could replace 1.500 cars during rush hour.

Speaking of the launch, Bavarian Minister for Transportation, Christian Bernreiter, said the new trains “mark[ed] a huge step towards ensuring even more climate-friendly mobility in Bavaria’s largest metropolitan area. We are heralding a new era and taking the Munich S-Bahn into the future.”  

Bernreiter added that he believed that the 2-billion-euro project was “well worth the price. Two-thirds of all local rail passengers in Bavaria will benefit from the trains, and virtually all local transport in the Munich region more or less depends on a well-functioning and attractive S-Bahn," he explained.

Thumb image credit: DB / Vidovic / Siemens Mobility GmbH / CC-BY-4

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