Cocaine found among bananas at 11 Lidl supermarkets in Germany

Cocaine found among bananas at 11 Lidl supermarkets in Germany

Lidl staff found millions of euros worth of the white powder among banana crates which had arrived from South America.

Lidl employees discover cocaine in banana crates

Employees at seven branches of Lidl in Berlin and four in Brandenburg have found cocaine stashed among crates of bananas.

According to local newspaper BZ, multiple packs of between 20 and 100 kilograms of white powder, which police have now confirmed is cocaine, were discovered on April 25.

A spokesperson from Lidl said that the supermarket is “corresponding with the relevant authorities”. Since police were notified, the Joint Narcotics Investigation Team from the Brandenburg State Office for Criminal Investigation has been involved in the case due to the large quantity of drugs that were discovered.

Lidl case not the first discovery of cocaine banana boxes

While German supermarkets had their world rocked with the banana discovery, it isn’t the first time such a case has occurred.

In March 2023, a fruit wholesaler in Groß Kreutz, Brandenburg found 1,2 tonnes of cocaine smuggled among bananas, followed by another 660 kilos and 500 kilos months later in September.

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