The cost of getting a driving licence in Germany

The cost of getting a driving licence in Germany

A recent ranking has compared the cost of taking both the theory and practical driving tests in 25 different countries around the world. Germany comes in as the sixth most expensive country for the combined cost of both tests.

The price of driving tests in Germany

Being able to drive is a valuable skill for many people, what with having to get to work, drop the kids off at school and, when lockdown restrictions have finally eased, heading off for a weekend at the beach. Regardless of whether you’re first learning to drive or having to retake your exams, driving tests can cost quite a bit of money.

A recent ranking by price comparison site has found that Germany is the sixth most expensive country for driving exams out of the 25 countries surveyed. In Germany, it costs 91,75 euros to take the practical test and 22,49 euros for the theory, a total of just over 114 euros. The only countries in Europe that have a combined higher cost for both tests are Finland (125 euros), Ireland (130 euros), Switzerland (139 euros), the Netherlands (147 euros) and Norway (172 euros).

Italy is the cheapest European country for driving exams, with both the theory and practical exams costing only 16 euros each. Overall, the exams are cheapest in Russia, where it only costs 160 rubles (about 1,75 euros).

The real cost of driving

The survey doesn’t take into account the cost of driving lessons, meaning the cost of getting a driving licence is considerably more expensive for first-time learners. This is without even taking into account the price of a car, petrol, vehicle taxes, car insurance and all the other costs associated with driving.

The survey also included the age you have to be to drive in various countries, which ranged from 16 (in New Zealand, Canada, Latvia and Estonia) to 18 years old, which is the legal driving age in Germany. For more information on the individual countries and the methodology used for the survey, you can check out the Global L-Plates Index here.

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Omar Munjy 04:31 | 31 January 2021

Since because yoo wrote this on 29 January 2021 and this post is new i would likw to correct you, tge price for Theory and Practical exams in Germany is now 139,42 since the 1st January 2021 so you should correct this article, i can send you a proof if you need one as i have received my new bill for the test