COVID-19 hasn’t stopped Germans from having sex

COVID-19 hasn’t stopped Germans from having sex

According to a survey undertaken by the GfK research institute for a dating site in Germany, the coronavirus outbreak has not quelled people’s desire for sex. In fact, most couples believe that the pandemic has brought them closer together.

Coronavirus lockdown awakens burning passions in couples

This week GfK, an international consumer research agency, revealed the results of a survey undertaken for the dating site, The results show that the coronavirus crisis has not stopped most people in Germany from having sex as much as usual. From the 1.000 people who took part in the survey, 87 percent of them claimed that coronavirus had not deflated their sex lives.

Coronavirus regulations obviously brought a lot of people closer together, since most of us have been forced to largely remain indoors with our families and housemates. Contrary to what you might expect, this has actually brought a lot of couples closer, with almost 60 percent reporting that the regulations had benefited their relationship.

Out of those that went on to answer more detailed questions, 20 percent said they were having more sex than before and 12 percent claimed to be having better sex.

Things aren't so rosy for singletons

All isn’t going so well in the bedroom for a lot of the singletons in Germany, however, with 40 percent saying that had chosen to take a break from dating.

However, a quarter of respondents had taken to online or telephone dating during the outbreak, while 11 percent of single people had met up with someone, but at a distance. 10 percent could not resist kissing their date, while a further 10 percent had admitted to having sex during the lockdown.

Germany’s stance on sex

Unlike some countries like Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands, German health authorities have not issued direct guidance on having sex with people you don’t know during the coronavirus outbreak.

The German Health Ministry has offered some general sexual health advice, stating that there is a high risk of contracting the coronavirus during sex due to an increased risk when kissing or being closer than 1,5 metres to another person.

The ministry has also issued advice for dating during the current crisis: “People can still date, but social restrictions must be observed and contact with others should be kept to an absolute minimum. That means using online dating sites or video calls rather than meeting in person.”

LIEBESLEBEN, the organisation run by the Federal Centre for Health Education for HIV and STI prevention in Germany, has advised that people can still meet but suggests that you adhere to the 1,5-metre rule. The organisation suggests having a date in a museum or cafe, which are starting to reopen. 

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