December child benefits to be paid out early in Germany

December child benefits to be paid out early in Germany

Parents across Germany will receive payments for child benefit (Kindergeld) earlier this December, in order to help meet the costs of the Christmas holidays.

Parents to receive Kindergeld earlier in December

Parents in Germany can expect to receive their Kindergeld payments earlier in December so that the money can be used to help cover the extra costs brought by the festive season. The German government will pay the money into bank accounts a week earlier than normal, around mid-December, so that the funds will arrive in time to buy Christmas food and children's presents.

Recent months have seen inflation skyrocket in Germany, reaching highs not seen for the past 70 years. As a result, even costs of staple and traditional food native to Germany, such as cucumbers and potatoes, have jumped in price.

In order to avoid technological breakdown, the December payments will be transferred in staggered groups. When you can expect to receive the payments depends on the last number of your child’s benefit number, as follows:

  • Final number 0 - Payment on December 5
  • 1 - December 6
  • 2 - December 7
  • 3 - December 8
  • 4 - December 9
  • 5 - December 12
  • 6 - December 13
  • 7 - December 14
  • 8 - December 15
  • 9 - December 16

Germany’s child benefit will soon increase

A few weeks ago, Germany’s coalition government announced that Kindergeld amounts would rise in 2023. As a result, the early December payments are the last which will be paid out at the current rate. From January 1, 2023, parents will receive 250 euros per month for each child, regardless of whether they are the first, second, third or fourth born to the family.

The German government currently delivers monthly Kindergeld payments to 16,8 million children. The new policy comes as part of a series of planned reforms which the coalition government is making to the German social security system, including increasing unemployment benefits and housing benefits.

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