Delivery Hero wants to make a comeback in Germany

Delivery Hero wants to make a comeback in Germany

Delivery Hero has announced its return to the German delivery market. The company wants to offer both takeaway and delivery services for local shops under the “Foodpanda” brand.

The Hero we all need

On Wednesday, Delivery Hero announced in Berlin that it is planning to offer delivery services in Germany again. In addition to takeaway, the international company wants to deliver goods from local shops directly to customers. "We have always kept an eye on Germany and see enormous opportunities to improve the customer experience," said Foodpanda boss Artur Schreiber. A beta phase for Foodpanda’s delivery services is touted to start as early as June.

Delivery Hero has said it wants to offer faster delivery times, putting it in direct competition with other delivery services and start-ups. In order to achieve this, the company wants to build small warehouses throughout city centres in Germany. It also plans to strike up partnerships with local businesses and open restaurants that only offer takeaway services, as well as offer a membership scheme for its customers.

Competition for delivery businesses

Due to coronavirus in Germany, with tighter restrictions and shops closing, delivery companies and startups have benefited from increased business and rapid growth. Delivery Hero has positioned itself in direct competition with similar businesses, such as Lieferando, which also recently announced its intention to offer a supermarket delivery service.

Delivery Hero sold its German operations to Just Eat Takeaway in 2018, making it the first and only company on the DAX stock exchange without a German business. However, Foodpanda enjoys good business in Asia, operating in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and, most recently, Japan. It also operates a network of 600 “Dmarts” around the world.

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