Deutsche Bahn to launch detailed English version of Navigator app

Deutsche Bahn to launch detailed English version of Navigator app

The Deutsche Bahn Navigator app is used by millions of travellers in Germany each day. Now, the rail company has announced an app update which, among other features, will include the English-language version of the software being more comprehensive. 

DB Navigator app soon available in German and English

The Deutsche Bahn Navigator app allows travellers to track delays, buy tickets and claim discounts while using regional and long-distance travel services run by the German rail operator. Until now, all of these app services have been available in German and in a more limited English edition, making navigating Germany’s maze of tracks a little more complicated for beginners or people on holiday.

Tests are still underway, but according to an announcement by Deutsche Bahn customers in the not-too-distant future will be able to use the app in more comprehensive English, along with a shiny new interface which should be easier to understand. From early 2024, gone will be the days when you wished for a DB Navigator Navigator app to help you navigate DB Navigator.

Deutsche Bahn app to get new delay feature

Along with its C1 bilingualism, the DB Navigator app will soon have some new features. If all goes to plan travellers will get a notification if their ticket becomes valid on different services due to delays or cancellations.

If travellers buy one of the popular Supersparpreis or Sparpreis tickets, they are limited to using their ticket on one specific service, but if that service is significantly delayed (which unfortunately happens pretty often) then they can hop on the next available train to their destination.

This policy will stay the same. But with the new DB app, travellers affected by delays will receive a helpful notification when their delay has been long enough that they are entitled to jump on another train at no extra cost.

Downloading the Next DB Navigator app

The updated app will also make it easier for travellers to add a bike to their journey after they have purchased their ticket and users will be able to see a preview of their train’s set-up; the carriage order and where the toilets and on-board restaurant car are located, all within the app.

Though the updated version will be rolled out in early 2024, those eager to see the new version and take part in the test phase can already search “Next DB Navigator” in the Apple App or Google Play stores to try out the update. 

People who are happy to stick with the current version until the upgrade is launched can rely on their mobile to update their DB Navigator app when the new version officially arrives.

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