Deutsche Post to pay staff 300-euro coronavirus bonus

Deutsche Post to pay staff 300-euro coronavirus bonus

On Tuesday, Deutsche Post DHL said it would pay its employees across the world a 300-euro bonus, as a thank you for their continuing efforts during the coronavirus crisis.

A thank you for the heroes

As a thank you for their “tireless efforts”, more than 500.000 Deutsche Post employees will receive a “one-time bonus” in the upcoming months. The bonus recognises the effort postal workers made to help keep essential services running during the coronavirus lockdown. 

“We have navigated our company through this crisis very well so far. We owe this to our committed colleagues worldwide," said Frank Appel, CEO of Deutsche Post.

Coronavirus gives Deutsche Post a business boost

Deutsche Post and other postal services were some of the few companies to benefit from coronavirus restrictions, with shop closures causing a boom in online shopping and therefore post and parcel deliveries, both in Germany and on an international scale.

The increase in business has seen the group’s pre-tax operating profit rise to 890 million euros in the second quarter of 2020, which is 16 percent higher than the previous year. This is according to preliminary figures, with the official results being released next month.

Deutsche Post’s bonus comes after the UK’s Royal Mail also announced they had offered their staff a 200-pound bonus (223 euros) for working during the pandemic.

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