Deutschlandticket increases passenger numbers by 16 percent

Deutschlandticket increases passenger numbers by 16 percent

Deutsche Bahn has seen passenger numbers increase by 16 percent, largely thanks to the Deutschlandticket.

60 percent of passengers are using the Deutschlandticket

According to Germany’s nationwide rail service provider, Deutsche Bahn, the number of train passengers has increased by 16 percent since the Deutschlandticket was introduced in May 2023.

The ticket allows passengers unlimited nationwide travel on public and regional transport for just 49 euros per month. At the moment, around 60 percent of passengers using Deutsche Bahn public transport or regional services are Deutschlandticket holders, according to spokesperson Evelyn Palla.

Politicians hoping the Deutschlandticket will become even more popular

In January, German Transport Ministers announced that the Deutschlandticket would continue to cost 49 euros per month for the whole of 2024.

The news came after months of discussions about how the ticket would be funded in 2024 and 2025, and what portion of the financial burden should come from the federal versus state governments.

Now that funding plans for 2024 have been confirmed, politicians are hoping that the security will encourage even more people to buy a Deutschlandticket subscription. However, uncertainty remains when it comes to price rises for 2025, a fact that environmental organisations such as BUND have suggested may have an undesired effect on sales. 

What’s more for uncertainty, Deutsche Bahn is currently being hit by the longest railway strikes it has seen in its history. While ver.di continues to negotiate higher pay for employees, together with environmental activist group Fridays For Future, the union is arguing that Deutsche Bahn must urgently improve working conditions if Germany wants to progress in its planned “Verkehrswende” (transportation green transition), of which the Deutschlandticket is thought to be an integral part.

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