Don’t get locked into a contract: Get a fully flexible plan with Lebara HELLO!

Don’t get locked into a contract: Get a fully flexible plan with Lebara HELLO!


Looking for a cheap, easy and convenient way to keep in contact with friends and family back home? Don’t want to be tied down by a contract? 

With Lebara HELLO! prepaid tariffs you can get 5GB of data for just 4,99 euros per month - with no contract. Even better, after six months, you’ll get an extra 2GB of data at no extra cost. If you want more data, you can choose from any of Lebara’s flexible prepaid tariffs. 

Get more out of your prepaid plan with Lebara HELLO!

HELLO! Prepaid: Fully flexible phone deals

Lebara Germany’s HELLO! prepaid tariffs are designed to give you everything you need from a phone - including a generous data allowance, calls and texts, and full control over your spending - all without a contract commitment. And now you can get 2GB of extra data after six months if you sign up to the Lebara HELLO! XS prepaid plan. 

Take advantage of one of these exclusive online offers for new customers to get more out of your Lebara prepaid tariff.

HELLO! XS - Get 5GB for 4,99 euros per month (+2GB after 6 months)

Get your hands on more data for less with the HELLO! XS prepaid deal, which comes with unlimited free calls and texts within Germany and 50 minutes of calls to 50 other countries worldwide.

If you choose the HELLO! XS prepaid deal, you get 5GB instead of 1GB for just 4,99 euros per month. And that’s not all. After six months, your deal will automatically update to give you 7GB per month from the seventh month - that’s 2GB extra! You can keep that deal as long as you don’t change tariffs or switch off the automatic tariff extension. 

lebara hello xs prepaid

HELLO! S - Get 15GB for 9,99 euros per month

Choose this exclusive deal and get a Lebara HELLO! S deal with 15GB of data - that’s an additional 9GB of data compared to the standard S tariff. You’ll keep the 15GB as long as you stay on this tariff, and as long as you don’t turn off the automatic renewal. 

With HELLO! S you also get unlimited calls and texts in Germany, as well as 100 minutes of calls to 50 countries around the world - all without a contract commitment. 

lebara hello s deal

HELLO! M - Get 9GB for 6,99 euros per month

Or, if you want to keep costs down, you could take advantage of the Lebara HELLO! M deal and get 9GB of data for just 6,99 euros per month (down from 14,99 euros per month). Again, you’ll keep this deal as long as you remain on this tariff and keep automatic extensions switched on. 

As well as unlimited calls and texts to Germany, you get 150 minutes to 50 countries globally.

lebara hello m prepaid deal

HELLO! XXL - Get 25GB for 14,99 euros per month

Want even more from your prepaid plan? The sky’s the limit with Lebara HELLO! XXL, a new product that offers you a whopping 25GB of data for just 14,99 euros per month. As well as unlimited calls and texts in Germany, you get 1.000 minutes to 50 countries, and no contract as standard. 

Who is eligible for these promotions?

Anyone who orders a new SIM card together with a HELLO! prepaid deal is eligible for these promotions. It doesn’t matter whether you take your phone number with you or not - in both cases, the promotion applies to you. And with free shipping as standard from Lebara, what are you waiting for? 

Benefits of a Lebara HELLO! prepaid plan

Here are some reasons why you should say HELLO to a Lebara prepaid plan:

100% cost control

Say goodbye to hidden costs with Lebara prepaid tariffs. Take charge of your expenses with total financial transparency and control. Check your credit, keep track of costs, and top up easily via the MyLebara App or online.

There’s also no activation fee, so you can start your prepaid plan effortlessly, without any additional charges. 

Don’t get locked into a contract

Embrace the freedom to choose and switch, without any commitments or restrictions. The HELLO! prepaid tariff from Lebara is all about flexibility: that means no long-term contract commitments, and no unexpected costs. You pay for your plan upfront, and your usage is limited by the tariff, meaning you get full control over your spending. Your plan will auto-renew, but you can cancel at any time without facing any penalty fees. 

No contract also means no credit check: prepaid tariffs do not usually require a check, so you can take out a Lebara plan no matter what your credit history looks like. 

Total flexibility

Add more data and minutes at any time and as often as you want, to keep up with your phone usage. If you run out of data or use all of your prepaid minutes, you can easily purchase additional extras via your MyLebara App or SMS. 

Stay connected worldwide

As well as flat rates in Germany, Lebara prepaid plans offer competitive rates for calls to 50 other countries around the world. Use your prepaid tariff for up to 1.000 minutes within four weeks for international calls, including EU-member states and countries like Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iceland, Israel, Liechtenstein, Macao, Malaysia, Norway, Puerto Rico, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland, Thailand, United Kingdom, USA, Venezuela, Turkey, and Russia. 

Discover flexibility and freedom with Lebara HELLO! prepaid deals

Want to take advantage of one of these exclusive deals? Get moving, because they are only available until October 31, 2023! Choose a Lebara HELLO! prepaid deal and enjoy total flexibility and freedom with your mobile phone. 



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