Drunk man gives German police his weed instead of ID

Drunk man gives German police his weed instead of ID

Too drunk for his own good, a man in Germany has made the unfortunate error of surrendering his weed to the police unsolicited, instead of his ID.

Drunk man gives German police his weed

On a recent and eventful Sunday night, a drunken man in Vilshofen an der Donau was asked by the police for his ID. After fumbling around in his pocket the 24-year-old failed to produce his Ausweis, instead handing over a scrumpled-up tissue to the on-duty officers.

Unfortunately for the inebriated man, this tissue was not a snotty one, but one that he had been using to keep his cannabis, cigarettes and filters neatly together in his pocket. None the wiser, the tissue was innocently handed over to the police.

Police in Bavaria shared the news on Monday but did not explain how they had proceeded after the man accidentally revealed himself to be in possession of marijuana.

Germany still drafting cannabis legalisation law

While people in Germany are still facing consequences for being caught in possession of weed in the federal republic, the German government is in the midst of drafting a new law to legalise cannabis by 2024.

However, a plan already published by the German government does give some details of what can be expected in the draft law. According to the Federal Ministry of Health's plan, anyone in Germany over the age of 18 will be able to buy and carry up to 20 grams of cannabis without facing any criminal punishment by the police.

Cannabis which is produced legally will only be allowed to have a THC content of 15 percent, while cannabis sold to those between the ages of 18 and 21 will have a maximum THC content of 10 percent. 

Once the German government produces a draft law it will have to be submitted to the European Commission for approval.

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