European Sleeper train extends route to Dresden and Prague

European Sleeper train extends route to Dresden and Prague

From March 25, the European Sleeper train will extend its route eastwards to include Dresden and Prague. Here’s what you can expect on a journey!

European Sleeper train route extends to include Prague

After first hitting the tracks in May 2023, the European Sleeper train will now expand its route on the eastern end to include Dresden and Prague.

Starting in Brussels, the European Sleeper runs three times a week through Antwerp, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Berlin, Dresden, Bad Schandau, before crossing the border into Czechia with stops in Děčín, Ústí nad Labem and terminating in Prague.

In a press release launching the new connections, Czech Minister for Transport Martin Kupka said, “Night trains are now making a comeback all over Europe and I am very glad that Czechia is not left behind. It is an environmentally friendly alternative to air transport, which confirms that rail will play an increasingly important in the future."

Leaving Brussels at 7.22 pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, the train arrives in Prague at 10.56am the following morning, just in time for a hot cup of Czech káva. If you’re going westwards from Germany, you can get on the train at Dresden Hauptbahnhof at 8.30pm or Berlin Hauptbahnhof at 10.56pm and be in Brussels by 9.27am.


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How much does a European Sleeper ticket cost?

Eager to leave queues at the airport behind and feel the freedom and thrill of jumping on the sleeper train? 

A ticket for the new sleeper connection all the way from Brussels to Prague will set you back 49 euros for the cheapest option - a wide seat in a compartment of six people. 79 euros will get you a bed in a cabin of five or six. All passengers are given bedding and breakfast can be included in your booking for an additional fee.

Check the European Sleeper website for more information on ticket pricing and availability.

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