Families in Germany to receive 100-euro child bonus: What you need to know

Families in Germany to receive 100-euro child bonus: What you need to know

As part of its relief package to help cushion people in Germany from rising living costs, the federal government promised a 100-euro child bonus (Kinderbonus) for families in Germany. Here’s what you need to know about the one-off payment. 

Families in Germany to receive 100-euro bonus for each child

At the end of March, the German federal government unveiled a relief package to help with the rising cost of energy. While two of the package’s headline measures - the tax cut on fuel and the 9-euro ticket - have already kicked off, the promised bonus of 100 euros per child is due to hit parents’ bank accounts next month. 

If you’re wondering if you’re entitled to the bonus and how you can expect to receive it, here’s what we know so far. 

Who is eligible for the 100-euro child bonus?

The lump sum of 100 euros per child is available to anyone who is entitled to regular child benefits (Kindergeld) in July 2022. There are no special additional requirements. 

Children who were or will be born this year are also entitled to the bonus. The BA writes on its website, “If you have applied for child benefit for your newborn child in 2022, the child bonus will be paid to you automatically in 2022.” 

Do I have to apply for the Kinderbonus?

No, if you are registered for child benefits you will receive the payment automatically, normally in a separate payment to your regular child benefit. 

If for any reason you don’t receive your bonus - for instance, if you have only recently been able to register the birth of your child - you can write to your local Family Benefits Office to request it. 

When should I receive the bonus?

The 100-euro child bonus is due to be paid out in July 2022, and will probably be made a few days after your regular child benefit payment, according to RTL. The date you receive it depends on the final digit of your child benefit number, and will be sometime between July 5 and July 19.

Is the bonus means tested or do all families receive it?

The bonus is not means tested and is therefore given to all families. However, although it is tax-free, it must be reported in your annual tax return like any other child benefit and will be offset against the child allowance. This means that high-wage earners won’t particularly benefit from the bonus. 



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EnoyozeMercy2 23:05 | 21 July 2022

This is a week last since the kindergeld was paid I have not gotten any corona bonus. Firstrating, do you think I should call and ask the family office?