Famous Mauerpark karaoke can resume after two year corona pause

Famous Mauerpark karaoke can resume after two year corona pause

The famous Mauerpark karaoke started by Irishman Joe Hatchiban is set to return to Berlin on 29 May, after more than a two-year break during the coronavirus pandemic in Germany. The karaoke will take place every Sunday until October 16. 

Berlin administration set to issue a permit to the organiser

The administration in Berlin stated that even though the karaoke's organiser submitted their application for a permit to host an event late, they would process it as soon as possible, allowing it to resume as soon as May 29. The popular weekly event had been paused for two years due to the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Since 2009, Hatchiban, whose real name is Gareth Lennon, has been hosting the karaoke in the Mauerpark amphitheatre in Prenzlauer Berg. The karaoke, which is one of the most popular events in Berlin, usually takes place during the spring and summer on Sundays between 3pm and 8pm and attracts a crowd of up to 1.000 spectators. 

Bearpit karaoke has faced string of setbacks over the years

For several years, the event has faced restrictions, not just due to the coronavirus crisis but also because of legal issues, too. The organisers faced opposition from a local district attempting to reduce the length of the event to just 12 events a year, to allow other artists to use the space.

Again in 2018, the event faced troubles, as the AfD outlawed concerts on Sundays in the Mauerpark, eventually leaving the karaoke as the only event exempted. The concert was also prevented from taking place in 2019 due to construction work in the park, therefore making the 2022 event even more special if given the go-ahead. 



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