First batches of protein-based Novavax COVID vaccine arrive in Germany

First batches of protein-based Novavax COVID vaccine arrive in Germany

On Thursday, Germany took delivery of its first shipment of 1,4 million doses of the new Novavax vaccine. Distribution to the country’s vaccination centres should start on Friday, with the first doses earmarked for workers in the German healthcare system

First Novavax doses to be administered in Germany next week

The Federal Health Ministry confirmed on Thursday that it was expecting its first shipment of the Nuvaxovid vaccine, manufactured by Novavax, and that the doses would be distributed to the federal states on Friday. The first injections will likely be administered next week, although timings will differ from place to place. 

The first delivery of 1,4 million doses will be followed by a further 4 million doses in the first quarter of 2022, and a further 30 million doses in the second quarter, according to the ministry. Like the BioNTech / Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Moderna vaccines that have come before it, the Novavax vaccine requires two doses, although they can be taken just three weeks apart. 

Protein-based vaccine may convince sceptics

One major difference with the new vaccine, however, is that it is protein-based and so, it is hoped, might be considered a more attractive alternative to people who have so far refused the jab due to reservations about the new mRNA technology. 

The Novavax vaccine uses a “classical” type of vaccine technology, containing tiny particles from a synthetic version of the virus’s spike protein, which encourages the immune system to form antibodies. In clinical testing, it demonstrated a 90 percent efficacy in preventing symptomatic infection with the Alpha variant of coronavirus. Testing is ongoing to see how it fares against the Omicron variant. 



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