FlixTrain announces largest expansion in company's history

FlixTrain announces largest expansion in company's history

The German rail company has said that the number of connections running out of Berlin, Cologne and Frankfurt will increase significantly.

FlixTrain to expand services ahead of summer 2024

The German long-distance railway company FlixTrain has announced that it will immediately and significantly expand connections from German train stations.

The competitor to Germany’s national rail provider Deutsche Bahn aims to increase the number of running services by 40 percent by this summer.

Of all German cities, Berlin will benefit the most from the coming expansion. Between Berlin and Cologne, trains will run six times a day rather than the previous four, and between Berlin and Frankfurt, daily services will increase from six to eight.

Following the completion of building works between Mainz and Wolfsburg, FlixTrain’s most popular route from Berlin to Rhineland-Palatinate will also start running again. 

FlixTrain times now on par with Deutsche Bahn

Alongside the expansion announcement, Flix CEO André Schwämmlein said that the company had gradually reduced its journey times in recent years. “Our journey times are now on par with all our competitors,” Schwämmlein explained in a press release.

Travelling between Berlin and Stuttgart with FlixTrain now takes around six hours, and between Berlin and Hamburg, around two hours, the same amount of time as a journey with one of Deutsche Bahn’s ICE trains.

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