Flying from Germany will get more expensive from spring 2024

Flying from Germany will get more expensive from spring 2024

Due to an increased aviation tax, flying from airports in Germany is set to get more expensive from May 2024 onwards. Here’s how the change will affect air passengers:

Germany introduces flight tax increases

Buying a ticket for flights from German airports is set to get more expensive from May 2024, thanks to the German government’s decision to increase the Luftverkehrsabgabe tax. 

The tax increase comes as part of the government’s wider efforts to plug the 17-billion-euro hole that emerged in the 2024 budget after Germany’s constitutional court ruled the original budget plan illegal for redistributing unused coronavirus funds to its climate transformation fund (KTF).

Alongside another fiscal adjustment in the aviation sector, the new ticket tax rates are expected to bring in an additional 445 million euros in tax revenue.

Though the increase was not welcomed by the German aviation industry, coalition Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP) pushed the new Ticketsteuer (ticket tax) through cabinet, with members approving the law on January 8. 

Following parliamentary procedure, the law must now be approved by the German Bundestag, before it is expected to be implemented from May.

How will the increased aviation tax affect passengers?

So what does all of this mean for air passengers? Once the law is introduced, tickets for a flight leaving from a German airport will be more expensive, but by how much will depend on the destination.

If you are flying within Germany, or to another EU member state, the German government will charge each passenger ticket 15,53 euros, up from the current 12,73 euros. For trips further afield, more than 6.000 kilometres, tickets will be taxed 70,83 per head rather than 58,06 euros.

While taxes are paid by the airlines, they will be passed on to passengers, meaning tickets will get more expensive.

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