Foyer Global Health: International health insurance for world citizens

Foyer Global Health: International health insurance for world citizens


Foyer Global Health: International health insurance for world citizens

Whether it’s for work, study or just pleasure, if you are travelling to another country you might be wondering about health insurance. This is an important question, since in many countries worldwide (including Germany), having cover is strictly mandatory. 

When it comes to international health insurance, one size does not fit all

Is your health insurance as flexible as you?

While many expats choose to take out health insurance in their destination country, for many, these plans aren’t flexible enough. What if you want to bring your family with you? What if you’re only on a short-term assignment? What if you want to stay a couple of weeks in a certain spot, then decide to move somewhere else? 

Worldwide health insurance for global citizens

When it comes to international health insurance needs, Foyer Global Health knows that one size does not fit all. 

That’s why their international health insurance plans have been specifically designed with flexibility in mind. You are guaranteed to find the right product from their range, no matter whether you’re planning a shorter or a longer stay abroad, whether you’re travelling alone or with your family, and regardless of your future country of residence. 

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The perks of international health insurance for expats

If you are an expat seeking flexible cover for yourself and your family, international health insurance is the right option for you. This kind of health insurance enables you to be permanently covered and reimbursed all over the world, even in your home country. This is particularly relevant if you are going to visit, or stay in, multiple different countries. 

Whatever your plans, Foyer Global Health has a plan for you

Foyer’s international health insurance plans are specifically designed for expats and cover all aspects of individual health, including emergency, dental, vision, maternity and hospice care. And for peace of mind, repatriation and evacuation are included in most plans. 

Each member of your family can choose their own level of cover that is most adapted to their needs. You can even customise your plan with optional extras.


The Essential plan covers day-to-day medical treatment, inpatient and outpatient care, unexpected large medical bills and assistance in the case of medical emergencies, making it the right plan for you if you do not require major dental treatment or maternity care.


If you want peace of mind throughout your expat experience, the comprehensive coverage offered by the Special plan is the right choice for you. Its balanced combination of premiums and benefits, including preventative treatments, major dental treatments and medical services, makes it the most often chosen plan. 


People who are looking for the best possible international healthcare opt for the Exclusive plan, which provides you with first-class health insurance cover, wherever you are.

Get covered with Foyer Global Health

Unsure which plan suits you best? Visit the Foyer Global Health website to compare plans and discover your ideal global plan by answering six simple questions. Then you can get a quote in less than 30 seconds. Get started now!



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