German dog walker sets bad example for pooch and bites woman

German dog walker sets bad example for pooch and bites woman

A dog walker has blurred the lines over whether she was walking her dog, or her dog was walking her, after getting into an altercation with another woman - and biting her - while her pooch watched on.

Dog walker bites woman during streetside altercation

Walking through the streets of Germany, you might notice all manner of strange happenings as people go about their daily lives. One thing that most people will never have expected to see, however, is a 51-year-old dog walker sinking her teeth into the leg of another woman during an altercation.

Yes, you read that right, it was the dog's ownner, rather than the dog, who decided to bite another woman during an altercation that started over the best way to discipline her pet. According to police, the squabble happened in the eastern state of Thuringia, when a 27-year-old woman, who was also out walking her dog, saw the 51-year-old hitting her dog.

Both women set to appear in German court

The younger woman took umbrage at the older woman’s chosen method of discipline and confronted her, which lead to both women hitting each other. During the fight, the older woman is reported to have fallen to the floor but, rather than take this lying down, she bit the younger woman on the leg. Both women are now set to appear in court on charges relating to causing physical injury.

And what were the dogs doing when all this was going on? According to the police, the two pooches simply watched their owners going at it “and did not engage in the biting.” Perhaps, going forward, their owners will look to their pets as a shining example.

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