German man claims he received 217 coronavirus vaccines

German man claims he received 217 coronavirus vaccines

After claiming that he received 217 coronavirus jags for personal reasons, a man from Magdeburg has been assessed by doctors and displays no negative side effects of being “hypervaccinated”. 

Magdeburg man was vaccinated against COVID 217 times

A man from Magdeburg in Saxony-Anhalt is reported to have received 217 coronavirus vaccinations over the course of 29 months. 

The 62-year-old said that he had been vaccinated for “private reasons” and was able to provide proof of 134 of the vaccinations, which included eight different types of vaccination against coronavirus.

Doctors assess man who was vaccinated hundreds of times

After reading about the Magdeburg man in the news, researchers at a university in Erlangen-Nuremberg contacted him to ask if he would be willing to take part in research about the possible side effects of receiving many, many coronavirus jags.

After looking at blood tests from before, during and after he received so many vaccines, the researchers concluded that there were no noticeable side effects. “[I]n spite of this extraordinary hypervaccination [this] indicates that the drugs have a good degree of tolerability,” Dr Kilian Schober told The Guardian.

The man was found to have higher levels of certain immune cells and antibodies against coronavirus, and his immune system remained functional.

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