German police receive panic call over albino python

German police receive panic call over albino python

Police in Bitburg have responded to a distressed call about a man who had drawn attention to himself after taking his albino python out for a day trip in the spring breeze.

German man takes python out for walk

German police responded to a panicked call to emergency services after a man in the city of Bitburg, in Rhineland-Palatinate, alarmed passersby by taking his pet python out for a walk.

According to police the man was “lightly clad” and walking around with a yellow and white albino python hanging around his neck.

Albino python needed some fresh air

Though he didn’t stand out, police were able to locate the python-laden man quickly and ask him what on earth he thought he was doing. According to Deutsche Welle, he responded by assuring the police that he was just taking his pet out “for some fresh air”.

Once they had taken a closer look at the animal, police said that the sssssusspect posed no threat and that such pets do not require special permission from authorities to be taken for a walk.

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