German population reaches record high

German population reaches record high

Information published by Germany’s Federal Statistics Office has revealed that the country’s population has now hit an all-time high. Meanwhile, births are decreasing and deaths in 2022 were up from the previous year.

German population now higher than ever

Germany’s Federal Statistics Office, also known as Destatis, has revealed that the county’s population has now reached 84.3 million people - the highest number ever recorded.

It is estimated that the population of Germany grew by 1.1 million people in 2022, largely due to the fact that Germany welcomed around 999.000 Ukrainian people in the wake of Putin’s invasion. At the end of September 2022, there were seven times as many Ukrainian people living in Germany as at the end of February 2022, just after the war began.

12 million non-Germans living in the country

Destatis estimated that in 2022 more people moved to Germany than left the country to live abroad: “Net migration was four times higher than in the previous year and higher than at any time since 1950,” the report explained.

In a breakdown of the population data, Destatis revealed that in 2022, almost 12 million people in Germany did not have a German passport, a number which is likely to see a dramatic change when Germany’s government brings in new rules about who is eligible for citizenship.

Meanwhile, across Germany, last year saw the birth rate decline and the number of deaths increase; the number of births registered - estimated to be between 735.000 and 745.000 - fell by 7 percent in comparison to 2021, and, despite Germany’s ageing population, 4 percent more people died than in the previous year.

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