Germans are optimistic about the future despite current crises, study reveals

Germans are optimistic about the future despite current crises, study reveals

Despite the pressures and stresses caused by inflation, the war in Europe and the climate crisis, research by the German pedagogue and futurologist Horst Opaschowski has revealed that the majority of people in the federal republic are still optimistic about the future.

Germans are hopeful about the future

Along with the rest of the world, Germany is at an intersection of crises and historic changes: inflation, Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and the exponential development of AI, all compounded by the climate crisis.

Nonetheless, according to a representative survey of 1.000 people in Germany, conducted by the well-known political and economic forecaster of the University of Hamburg, Horst Opaschowski, the majority of the population is still hopeful about the future.

“The continuing crises haven’t resulted in lethargy, but have strengthened citizens,” Opaschowski told the Catholic broadcaster, the KNA. “Surprisingly, there is confidence in Germany, especially among the younger generation.”

Digital overstimulation is causing agitation in Germany

Opaschowski added that while people in Germany still seek to positively engage themselves in their neighbourhoods and make more social connections in their direct surroundings, there has been an increase in aggression since the beginning of the millennium. 

“The current development in Germany has two faces,” the forecaster said. While people believe the future can be good for them personally, agitation caused by sensory overstimulation in the digital age means they have little hope for the future of society.

Germans value quality of life over material wealth

According to figures published in Opaschowski’s newest publication Besser leben statt mehr haben (Live better instead of having more), 60 percent of people living in Germany believe that having a good relationship with friends and family is more important than owning property or having a regular salary.

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