Germany to lift entry restrictions for travellers from US & 7 other countries

Germany to lift entry restrictions for travellers from US & 7 other countries

Germany to lift entry restrictions for travellers from US & 7 other countries

Germany - along with its fellow EU member states - has opted to lift entry restrictions for tourists arriving from eight countries, including the USA. 

European Union adds USA to travel whitelist

European Union member states have agreed to lift entry restrictions for travellers from the United States and seven other countries. This was confirmed by the Portuguese Council Presidency following consultations with representatives from the EU countries. The pending formal resolution is expected to be adopted by the end of the week, but it’s still unclear when it will come into effect. 

Countries to be added to the whitelist, which permits nonessential travel from third countries outside the block, include Albania, North Macedonia, Serbia, Lebanon, the United States, Taiwan, Macau and Hong Kong. 

At the height of the first wave of coronavirus in March last year, the EU decided to close its borders to all but essential travel from third countries. Currently, only eight countries are exempt from this entry ban: Australia, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, Rwanda, Singapore, South Africa and Thailand. Countries can be added if they record fewer than 75 coronavirus cases per 100.000 inhabitants within 14 days. 

Member states may still impose test and quarantine requirements

Those travelling from a whitelisted country will more easily be able to travel to the EU - even if they have not yet been fully vaccinated against COVID-19. However, individual member states may decide to impose extra requirements like a negative coronavirus test or a mandatory quarantine period.  

The change will also not necessarily be reciprocated by the newly-whitelisted countries. For instance, last week the USA relaxed its travel warning for American citizens for destinations such as Germany and some other EU countries, but the reassessment did not change the entry ban imposed on foreign citizens from the Schengen area. As a rule, entry to the US is still only possible with a special permit. 



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Martjie Petersen 15:15 | 18 June 2021

Hi Abby, I would just like to point out that Germany did not lift the ban on South Africa. Due to South Africa being a "variant" country, you can not enter Germany from SA unless you have permanent residency or German citizenship. Germany is not issuing any South Africans visas to travel to Germany either. The ban is still fully enforced.