Germany to pay out corona child bonus from September 7

Germany to pay out corona child bonus from September 7

Germany to pay out corona child bonus from September 7

The first instalment of the child bonus - a government initiative designed to support families in Germany during the coronavirus crisis - will be paid out from September 7. Another instalment will be transferred in October.

Germany’s child bonus to be paid in September and October

The Family Benefits Office will begin paying out the much-anticipated 300-euro child bonus from early September, the Federal Ministry of Finance has announced. The first instalment of 200 euros per child will be paid out from September 7, along with the regular monthly transfer of child benefit. A second instalment of 100 euros will follow in October.

Federal Family Minister Franziska Giffey said: “This is a welcome financial injection for many families. Especially for families who have to turn over every euro, the child bonus makes the decision a little easier to buy something for the children or to do something together.” The idea is to give the German economy a short-term boost. 

Child benefit number determines when parents will receive bonus

When parents can expect to receive their bonus depends on the final digit of their child benefit number. Anyone with a zero will get their bonus on September 7, while digits 1 through 9 will be gradually transferred throughout the rest of the month. 

In total, there are around 18 million children and young people in Germany who are entitled to child benefits, meaning they are also entitled to the one-off child bonus. The federal government has estimated that the bonus will cost around 4,3 billion euros. 



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