Germany ranked among best countries to raise a family

Germany ranked among best countries to raise a family

In a new ranking, Enjoy Travel has rated Germany as one of the best countries in which to raise a family. Access to healthcare, education and the cost of renting were all assessed to rate over 100 countries from around the world.

The most family-friendly countries in 2023

To create the study, Enjoy Travel used a “comprehensive points system” to rank over 100 countries based on five distinct categories. These categories included the Global Safety Index, access to healthcare and data from the OECD on median salaries. The average cost of renting in each country and the United Nations Education Index were also consulted. 

On top of this, the ranking took into account each country’s maternity and paternity leave policies, pointing out that “many countries lag behind, particularly when it comes to paid paternity leave.” Each country was granted a maximum of 25 points based on how family-friendly its parental leave policy is. Overall, each country could be awarded a maximum of 150 points.

Nordics dominate top spots for best countries to have children

Unsurprisingly, Norway trumped the ranking with a total of 129 points. Like many rankings on quality of life, child-friendliness or happiness, the Nordic countries predictably ruled the newborn roost, occupying first, third, fourth and fifth.

Singapore took second place with 126 points, with particular kudos being granted to its state education system, which was highly ranked by the OECD. Denmark took third place with 126 points followed by Iceland and Finland, respectively awarded 125 and 119 points.

Germany's parental leave policy praised

Drawing with Finland and Poland, Germany was also awarded 199 points and placed seventh in the international ranking. The German school system and healthcare system were rated particularly well, each with 20 points. The study pointed out that the median salary in Germany is also markedly higher than in most other European countries.

Germany’s maternity and paternity leave policies were also praised. As well as a standard 14 weeks maternity leave, both parents in Germany are entitled to Elternzeit (parental leave), during which they can claim Elterngeld (parental allowance). While only the parent who gives birth can claim maternity benefits, come 2024 the German government plans to introduce a two-week paid leave period for the other parent. 2022 also saw the German government make the biggest increase in child benefit payments (Kindergeld) in the history of the federal republic.

10 best countries to start a family in 2023

According to Enjoy Travel, here are the 10 best international countries in which to raise a family:

  1. Norway
  2. Singapore
  3. Denmark 
  4. Iceland 
  5. Finland 
  6. Poland 
  7. Germany 
  8. New Zealand 
  9. The Netherlands 
  10. Czechia

For more information, and to see how other nations did on the ranking, please consult the Enjoy Travel website.

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