Germany’s 3-euro coronavirus test scheme to end on November 26

Germany’s 3-euro coronavirus test scheme to end on November 26

Germany's 3-euro test scheme will be scrapped as soon as Saturday, November 26. Free coronavirus tests in Germany are set to end all together come February 2023. 

German 3-euro test scheme scrapped

Germany’s 3-euro test scheme is set to end on Saturday, November 26. The German government announced on Tuesday that the scheme will be removed due to insufficient demand.

Until Saturday, if you have been in contact with an infected person, or received a “high risk” notification via the Corona Warn-App, you can pay 3 euros to be tested. If you are planning to visit a person who is particularly vulnerable to coronavirus, it is also possible to pay for a test.

If you would like to do a test in advance of a large event you can also pay 3 euros. In this case it is necessary to present an event ticket or similar proof and the test must be taken on the same day as the event.

Germany has been more cautious than other European countries in its removal of coronavirus safety measures. According to the dpa, FDP politician Karsten Klein said that the test scrapping policy was an attempt to focus free tests on vulnerable groups and “orient [policy] towards the current pandemic situation and thus handle taxpayers' money carefully."

Germany to end free coronavirus test scheme

The government has also announced that from February 2023 tests for coronavirus will no longer be available for free to people living in Germany. These free tests are only available to certain groups.

Until February, you are eligible for a free test if you cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons, or if you are working in or planning a visit to a hospital or care home. If you are in your first trimester of pregnancy or already have proof from a home test that you are infected with coronavirus, you are also eligible. Children under five can continue to be tested for free until the scheme ends.

According to reporting by the dpa, Health Minister Karl Lauterbach said the decision to keep free tests for certain groups running until February was necessary to protect patients and care recipients from infection through the winter, when coronavirus cases peak.

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