Germany’s biggest cities have collected 3 million euros in coronavirus fines

Germany’s biggest cities have collected 3 million euros in coronavirus fines

Since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis, the seven biggest cities in Germany have issued over 35.000 fines to people not adhering to the country’s coronavirus restrictions. The total amount collected amounts to some three million euros. The most fines have been given out in Munich and Hamburg.

Fines for corona rulebreakers

According to a survey conducted by the Welt am Sonntag newspaper, the seven biggest cities in Germany have issued more than 35.000 fines to people breaking coronavirus restrictions since April, collectively worth around three million euros. 

The highest value of fines has been collected in Munich, the city worst affected by the virus, with around 11.800 cases and 225 deaths confirmed so far. Over 9.100 fines have been handed out in the Bavarian capital, amounting to about 1,2 million euros. Germany’s second most affected city, Hamburg, has handed out the highest number of fines - 11.000, totalling 998.000 euros.

In Frankfurt, police issued 3.100 fines, collecting at least 120.000 euros. In Düsseldorf, just 1.200 fines have been handed out, but this still amounted to 112.000 euros. In Berlin, fines are handled by individual districts. These districts don’t always have up-to-date numbers but the newspaper reports that 4.400 fines have been dished out in the capital, worth a total of 120.000 euros.

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