Germany's gas storage facilities now 90 percent full, figures show

Germany's gas storage facilities now 90 percent full, figures show

Despite Russia’s decision to switch off supplies via the Nord Stream 1 pipeline, Germany is still managing to fill its gas storage facilities. According to the latest data, the storage tanks are now more than 90 percent full, and Economics Minister Robert Habeck is cautiously optimistic that the country will meet the November 1 deadline of 95 percent. 

German gas storage facilities 90 percent full

According to data from the European storage operators, gas storage facilities in Germany are now more than 90 percent full, dpa reports. On Sunday, the storage tanks reached a level of 90,07 percent, information published on the internet shows. 

Habeck told dpa that Germany was on course to make it through the winter, despite Russia’s cutoff of supplies - so long as the country stayed on course with its targets to save energy, and as long as the weather remained predictable. “But that also means that the storage tanks will be empty again at the end of winter, in this case really empty,” he said. 

Germany filling its gas reserves quicker than expected

Despite the volatility of gas supplies from Russia, Germany has so far managed to meet its gas storage targets. Last month, the government announced that things were proceeding quicker than expected, and it went on to reach its interim targets of 75 percent and 85 percent earlier than planned. The next target of 95 percent has been set for November 1, which is roughly six weeks away. 

The gas storage facilities are designed to function as a kind of buffer system for fluctuations in gas consumption - and so they are typically filled in the autumn, ahead of the cold winter months when consumption is much higher, before being allowed to decrease in the spring. This year’s filling targets have been given extra impetus by the total shutoff of Russian supplies. 

At 95 percent capacity, the gas storage should roughly cover consumption for the entire country in January and February 2022. On cold days, up to 60 percent of consumption is covered by the storage facilities. 



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