Germany’s hopes crushed at Qatar World Cup group stage

Germany’s hopes crushed at Qatar World Cup group stage

A thrilling Thursday in Qatar has brought into question Germany’s international status as one of football's finest teams. Despite a win against Costa Rica, Germany are out of the 2022 World Cup at the group stages, while Japan fans are filled with a joyous sense of underdog victory.

Germany dumped from Qatar World Cup

The German national team has dropped out of the Qatar World Cup without making it past the group stages. In a Group E match against Costa Rica in Qatar’s Al Bayt Stadium on Thursday evening, the German national team won 4-2, but failed to make it through to the knockout stages.

For much of the match it seemed that Germany were primed to make it through, heavily dominating possession against Costa Rica. In the centre of Doha, however, the simultaneous match between Spain and Japan, the other teams in Group E, was proving an increasing cause for concern. 

As Japan and Spain equalised, it became clear that Germany had to up its game, score another against Costa Rica and pray for a Spanish resurgence against Japan, who had beaten Germany last week. Otherwise, there would be no hope of making it to the next stage.

When Japan secured a 2-1 victory, Germany's fate was sealed. For a brief moment in Al Bayt, when Costa Rica went 2-1 up in the match, it even seemed like Germany were heading for fourth place in their group. But not for long, Havertz and Füllkrug brought it back, netting three more goals to win the match 4-2. It wasn't enough to advance Germany to the knockout stages, but it did ensure they rose to third place in the group.

World Cup fans question Japan goal validity

Through all the evening’s excitement, one question dominated fan discussion: did Japan’s ball cross out of play before Ao Tanaka scored the team’s winning goal against Spain? Opinions were divided, but after the referee ruled Tanaka’s ball out, VAR said otherwise, leaving Japan’s victory unchallenged.

After beating Germany last week Japan have had unexpected success against the European giants of football. And the team’s fans aren’t afraid of a deserved boast. Following the national team’s victory, fans outside the Doha stadium were filmed by The Guardian chanting “Moratta”, a pun on the Spanish striker Álvaro Morata’s name, which in Japanese means to have your opponent in your pocket during a fight or match.

Eventful World Cup for Germany

Though Germany's lifespan at the 2022 World Cup has been a short one, it's been eventful. Not only have Germany lost their reputation of impressive skill seen in previous competitions, but have faced criticism on home turf, being accused of giving up their pro-LGBT solidarity politics to save their own skins from FIFA sanctions.

And while politicians have spent much of the competition questioning Qatar's record on worker's rights, Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck announced on Tuesday that Germany had just sealed a 15-year gas deal with the Qatari government, prompting accusations of hypocrisy.

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